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Leaping AI replaces manual call center operations with an innovative phone-based system powered by Generative AI (technology behind ChatGPT)


How Leaping AI Works

Leaping AI’s mission is to connect the large AI models of our time with the data of our customers to increase enterprise productivity.

We are a team of AI and software experts dedicated to working closely with our customers to help them reduce manual work within their operations and unlock cost savings with AI.

Our product is a phone-based AI system that is able help our customers consult on and sell their products to end customers fully autonomously: greeting the customer, figuring out what the customer wants, introduce different products and close the sale.


The Need for Enterprise AI Sales

A sizeable amount of sales is still happening over the phone. Human agents tell the customers about their products, close the sale and enter the order information into an ERP system.

With the recent advances in AI technology, this process can be largely automated. AI systems can now hold conversations on par with or better than humans (see ChatGPT). Connected to the data sources of an enterprise, our AI system has access to the knowledge that a human operator would have.

This advancement allows automated sales to happen in a number of industries: DTC brands, insurance, banking, etc.


Features and Benefits

Increased Revenue

By leveraging data sources from the enterprise, the AI has knowledge on par with or better than humans, allowing it to recommend the optimal product to each customer and engage in upselling.

Decreased Call Center Costs

Our technology allows our customers to save extensive operations costs by replacing manual human-based sales with an AI system.

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